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Finding ways to make it a bit better

Bit a slow start for the first month; Still some more things we can do to make the B&B a bit more nice. Start by painting the terrace-deck.

Much better now; had a drink with my Spanish customer-friend Ruben,

And the neighbour houseboat sun Maxim and my father:

In the meanwhile, the small Lucie seems to be fun to explore around the big Lucie.

Next guests are from Slovenia. Check-in on a Tuesday the 28th of April. This time, we are at home and in a normal working week. Also something to think about how we do bookings during the weekdays. We are only home after 16.30 and we have to get up early to go to work ourselves. The weather is great and the Slovenian family comes in to have a drink with us; we enjoy each others company very much. Maybe this is something to let the guests feel comfortable: give a tour in our house and have a drink together to learn to know each other.

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