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First guest is coming Today !

Our First guest is coming Today !

One small problem ...

Seems we have to go to a gala-night that eve... . Badly arranged in the agenda :-S.

Need to find a backup who can attend and receive the guests.

Sweet Chloe is the victim, she'll come to the boat and try her best.

1 hour before we leave, I'm wondering when the guests would be coming. On the booking site, we said between 17.00 and 22.00, quite some time for Chloe to be bored and waiting for them. Around 18.30, I get a call from the guests, they are with 5 and they need a second room. Don't know how to solve this, we do not have a second room. Only solution is that the second group find another hotel or that they share the space with 5 persons.

Now, we left to the Gala-Night and see what happens...

Around 20.00, they call me and ask instructions how this works. Seems they didn't realize they booked a room on a ship! They only saw a picture of a cat looking through the window. Seems they didn't look at the other pictures.After some explanation, they seems to figure out to spend their night. I'm not really at rest that eve, but sure it is exiting.

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