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To Be or not to Be

16th of feb 2014, exactly one year that Ship Lucie is in hands. The planned works in the cargo place was succesfull within budget and within time. Not finished, but everything needed to live comfortable was in there. The rest if for later, when we have again time and money.

Now, what to do with the former shippershouse?

We don't need it as a house. We could use it as a storage place; or make it a mancave to drink beer an play poker; or a room for the kids to play; or a hairdresser salon. Anyhow, it would be a pity to destroy the original character of it. Maybe then a Bed- and Breakfast? Call it a Boat and Breakfast?

Not sure we are allowed to do such things, I have to look it up.

Seems to be no problem, acoording to the law, you can have up to four rooms as bed- and breakfast before you are considered as a real hotel following strict rules. Seems for WENZ (Water- en Zeekanalen) it is not problem neither, it is possible to rent such a small space and under the condition that it is not for permanent living.

Ok, sounds good, let's make up our mind what we schall do now. We have to refurth the place anyhow because the sanitary and electricity is not modern enough. Toilet is outside and the the shower cupboard falls apart because it's soaked with water. The separate water supply pump leaks as hell in the engine room too.

we can break out the shower and put a toilet instead. Then break out a bedroom to put there a shower? Ceiling is not very high in the front, so should be a bath then. It would be a pity that we have to remove one bedroom, then only couples could be here. Would be better if we keep two bedrooms for small families or friends or collega's.

So we do it the Chinese way: toilet and shower in one in a polyester cell. It was half-foreseen to have the water supply and water evacution from the shippershouse to the main tanks. We'll need to do this extra works then.

While doing that, we should then also renew the water supply and the water evacuation of the kitchen.And while doing that then also redo the electricity of the kitchen.

And while doing that then also the gas supply to the kitchen.The kitchen does not have an aperture f or a 60x60cm cooking device, then we'll have to rebuild the whole kitchen. But to keep it authentic, we'll keep the original doors.

the square table is quite unhandy, always hitting the corners when passing by. Maybe a round table would be better. If it could fold up, we could even better to fold out the canape.

Ok, lets do it! Should be ready by first of April, don't feel like working on this too long!

Let's say the first of April, we'll do the grand opening ...

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