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2016 invests

The B&B returned our investment at the start of 2015.

It seems to be worted to invest again at the start of 2016.

'Little Lucie' her 8 HP Yamaha engine didn't pass the after winter maintenance well. As it was 40 years of age, the dealer thought it was not economic to repair anymore. I liked that little machine and had difficult to believe it would give up so suddenly now. Had to pay and come back with malfunctioning engine or buy new engine.No second hand engines for sale, so bought a resonable priced 6 HP Mercury engine. It does the same job, but much (much) slower:

We were not always very comfortable when guests were sitting on the high terrace. Especially when having a drink or with small kids around. So we decided to invest in a handrail around thearound the guest-terrace:

Fresh blue/red colours for the cabin:

Plus some white triangle:

Looks like a philippine flag, what a coincidence:

Beach umbrella:

'Spits-Lucie B&B' address plate:

Main terrace sunscreen:

Google satellite view:

As 'Little lucie' was quite not so comfortable with more people, we were thinking of a more enjoyable boat. We wanted something finished that was reasonable in price where people could enjoy a trip on the water even more. Eventually, we were seduced by this boat from Holland.

Looked very nice, but it scared me as hell! After only 30 minutes, this boat felt very wrong. Joints showed cracks and the overall strength felt very bad.

I needed some time to think about it. So hooked the new boat behind our 'Lucie' and felt like it would not even survive the night. the attachments would be pulled out of this faint wooden piece of junk. So I decided to pull up the boat again that same evening. I called the seller-guy to tell that I did not want to endanger people in this boat so he should take it back. Quickly I understood that he didn't care about me, he had his money and it was not his problem anymore.I did not want to sell or give this boat to somebody else to hear later he/she would had an accident with it. I would scrap the boat rather than selling it.

My biggest problem was that I exchanged our rigid 'Little Lucie' as I would not need her anymore with this newer more expensive boat. I found on the sellers page that he asked quie a lot of money for our 'little Lucie', so it would be terrible that I would be stucked with this junk-boat and have to buy my own 'little Lucie' at a unreasonable price.

After a lot of discussion, we had a deal that I would return that junk boat and loose all my monoey in return for my little Lucie on a trailer. so that at least I would not have to drive two times to Amsterdam regio. I was happy to have my 'Little Lucie' back, but felt so much dissapointed in that Dutch seller guy. At that moment, I would not trust anybody with boats or boat parts anymore.

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