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Boat 'Vickske', start drawing

Plans are getting clear now; we go for some kind of pic-nic table-boat with the stering wheel centered at the back with an outboard engine.

Ok, let's start then; start-date is 11th of March, estimated finish date is May. A lot to do in two months and weekend days only.

Let's start doing the outside paintwork. Polyester needs two component polyester paint which I bought on https://polyestershoppen.nl . All very well explained and with a starterskit; not cheap but good material. Before you start, make sure everything all unnecessary parts are removed, surfaces are degreased, (screw) holes are filled and all surfaces are sanded.

Exterior painting work:

Applying the paint by hand (roll and brush) goes surprisingly well. If you cannot apply a second coating the day after the first coating, sand again. Polish the second coating the day after applying it. Later it will not be so easy anymore to make it shine.

I only used the polyesterpaint above the water-line; below the water-line, I' will use anti-fouling paint later.

Interior painting work:

Only the sides are painted which will be seen when opening the storage lockers. The middle part will be covered by a multiplex.

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