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Techniques: windows

Windows need to be minimum 30cm above the water line (after finishing all works and remeasuring the ship); safer is to try to achieve 50cm.The windows can be possible in any material from wood, pvc and steel and could be fixed or possible to be opened.Working under de sidewalks requires either windows that fit between the metal ribs (inter distance for example 50cm) or ribs to be removed. Removing the ribs should not be to excessive because these give structural strength to the ship.Working above the sidewalks gives more freedom; big windows can be put anywhere you like;

Below, some images of the windows for our ship ‘Lucie’, having metal windows

  • 3 windows of 900 x 600 left and 3 windows of 900 x 600 right in the rear living area

  • 5 windows of 450 x 600 left and 5 windows of 450 x 600 right in the front sleeping area

  • 1 window of 900 x 900 at the mid-deck

The custom made windows had a long lead time and were finaly delivered:

Renobato specialist making the openings with the plasma-burner:

Position the openings so that as less as possible ribs are interrupted. Our living room winows are interrupt 1 rib; the other windows fit just between the ribs:

Finish the weldings from the outside to make everything waterproof:

Finaly some light in the former dark cargo:

Some windows can open: 2 out of 6 in the living room and all the windows in the rooms. 4 living room windows and the windows in the hallway are fixed. Below a picture of living room window with authentic copper fixations.

Opening part of the windows for the rooms, also looking authentic copper windows from a ship:

Blindplates on top of the opening windows for the bedrooms to ensure the privacy:

First primer paint before it rains:

Not so easy to paint from the outside:

Repainted the complete ship in shiny black and finished the windows with some flaming orange paint - should be beautiful at night:

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