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Techniques: Isolation

A metal ship like a car: as cold inside as outside. In direct sunlight: double as hot inside than outside.

  • Living areas below the water-line will benefit the mass of the surrounding water. This gives a cooling effect in the summer (surrounding water will typically never exceed 25°C) and a buffer in the winter (surrounding water – under the ice - will typically not go below0°C).

  • Living areas above the water-line will suffer not having any mass of the air. This gives an boost to extreme hot / cold temperatures.

Take into account,

  • that steel and water are such a good heat-conductors that will steal all the heating and cooling you create inside. This can be stopped by good isolation.

  • that condensation is formed on a part that is cold outside and warm inside; This is the case for single (non-isolated) glass, but as well for metal parts. This can be stopped by a damp-screen covering all metal parts. Perfect combination for isolation + damp screen is PUR foam covering all metal parts;

  • below the water-line, at a dry-dock inspection and reparation, it should be possible to weld without the risk of igniting combustible materials. Most isolation materials might not be combustible but they do not give any fire barrier to what is next, like wooden structures or walls. This can be mitigated by using rockwool under under the PUR foam, minimum needed under the waterline;

The PUR foam is done after the windows were installed; this to avoid melting PUR when burning the holes for the windows and welding the windows in. Before the PUR foam is applied; all openings / windows / cables need to be covered if you want to ever find these back. Before the PUR foam is applied, make sure all cables, tubes, air ducts are present or you will have to spend days scratching off the PUR again. Once the PUR foam is done, there is the nasty job of removing excess foam from the wood spacers.

Below, pictures are shown of the rockwool + PUR isolation + Floor isolation on our ship ‘Lucie’:

PUR foam isolating company:

Everything in PUR foam:

Make te wood skeleton free to have a flat structure for the wooden plates:

7cm of Floor isolation:

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